Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are pleated paper cartridges that look like the air filter or oil filter in your car.

Recommended hours of filtration = 10 or more.

Cartridge Filters remove particles from your water that are as small as 10 microns in diameter. This is a quarter the size that sand filters can remove.

      • A cartridge still allows all particles that are smaller than 10 microns to pass through.
      • A cartridge filter captures much of the dirt that passes right through a sand filter.
      • Cartridges should be replaced after a year and a half of use. 

Some of the problems with cartridge filters can include

      • A cartridge that develops a rip or tear in its body will allow water to pass through unfiltered.
      • Water will take the path of least resistance and pour through an opening in the cartridge.
      • If the seal at the top or bottom of the cartridge is damaged or is not properly sealed, the water will get through unfiltered.
      • Some solutions would be to apply Magic Lube or Aqua Lube (common pool sealing products available at your pool store) to the seals, or replace the cartridge. 


You might have a spare cartridge on hand to swap with the one that’s giving you trouble, that way you don’t lose any filtration. Some people use diatomaceous earth with their cartridges. 

The DE powder clings to the cartridge and the dirt clings to the DE.  This makes the cartridge easier to clean off and you get cleaner water in the bargain.

Info on Diatomaceous type filters and also Sand Filter