Filtration Facts

Why it’s important to run that pump!

Effective filtration is a cornerstone of pool water maintenance. We see pools everyday where the water looks almost invisible it’s so clear. These are pools that are getting filtered correctly. There are a great many others though where the water is slightly to very cloudy.  If you think your water looks good, just check it out at night with the underwater light on. That cloudiness you see emanating from the light is dirt in suspension in the water. CHEMICALS CAN’T FIX DIRT. But proper filtration can.

There are 3 types of filters in common use.

      1. Sand Filters
      2. Cartridge Filters
      3. Diatomaceous Earth Type Filters

Backwash or clean your filter when the pressure on the gauge increases by 10psi over  the clean pressure.   Most filters operate at about 12 to 15psi when clean. If you clean your filter based on the increase on the pressure gauge, you get a few benefits. 

Filters of all types filter better the dirtier they get.  The dirt collected becomes a filtering medium and helps the cleaning process.  When the pressure gets too high however, the water flow can become restricted going through the filter.  At this point it’s good to backwash or clean out the filter.  

If you clean your filter following these recommendations you may find yourself doing less work than if you stick to backwashing once a week and that’s more time you have for something enjoyable.