What we do for you and your pool

What we do
The hardest part of pool maintenance is what we do best – keeping algae and bacterial out.

Our experience has given us the edge in total chemical maintenance and an understanding of what we need to do to your pool to keep its chemical levels safe and your pool algae-free.

Our service – reliable, weekly.

When we service your pool…..

      • We come out to your house once a week on the same day and at pretty much the same time.   If you contact us for service, we will be able to tell you what day that is.
      • We test your pool water and add the chemicals so that you don’t need to buy chemicals for the pool. 
      • The chemicals are included. (We will help get rid of chemicals you’d rather not have on your property – especially if you have young ones)We check the Chlorine level, pH and Alkalinity – Every week!
      • We periodically check for Conditioner (stabilizer), Calcium hardness and Total dissolved solids. You don’t need to add chemicals between our visits.  You don’t have to put tabs in your chlorinator. 
      • We use Liquid Chlorine which has many advantages for use in pool water.   One advantage is that since we’re not adding any byproducts like calcium or lithium, your pool water will look more clear and be more comfortable to swim in. The tablets often have other chemicals besides chlorine.

New and long time customers alike marvel at how crystal clear the water is on our service. 

One way we communicate is through a that will be placed on a
commonly-used door – usually closest to the pool or the front door.

It will look like this:

Typical Door hanger for advice on your pool.

Service Form